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Intentions are frequently mentioned but not always deeply understood by many. This is where being comes in, bridging that gap. Intentions serve as the foundational step in genuinely prioritizing yourself. Our mission is to embrace a simple mindshift by providing accessible tangible tools for intention-setting, to tap into the hidden power of everyday experiences.

Book a being Experience

Elevate your being experience by booking a Personalized 30-Minute Session. Immerse yourself in a serene space with DeDe, either in person or via Zoom. Each session is specifically tailored to center around and commit to your chosen intentions. being is an experience created for anyone seeking to shift their mindset and elevate thoughts and actions in their daily lives. Explore the transformative power of intention-setting with DeDe.

Intention-setting sessions with DeDe, the founder of being, offer transformative experiences. Each session, lasting approximately 30 minutes, is dedicated to exploring areas that may have held you back from being your most authentic self. Together, we’ll devise achievable and practical intentions to shift your mindset. Included in each session are four being stones, beautifully packaged in a linen pouch, providing you with daily support and empowerment.

DeDe conducts sessions both online via Zoom and in-person at various locations, including Westport CT, New York City, Los Angeles, and Scottsdale Arizona throughout the year. Additionally, being is available to travel to your events, businesses, workshops, or pop-ups. For further details or to schedule a session, please reach out to us

Intention-Setting being Collections

We’ve expertly compiled the most common daily intentions to create our curated collections. Each set includes thoughtfully selected being Stones, perfect for various intentions like celebrations, healing, hopeful wishes, self-love, and more.

For those seeking personalized guidance, connect with us, that’s our specialty! In just a few minutes, we’ll gather the information we need, whether for yourself or to give the most thoughtful gift, and curate a unique set specific to your needs.

Every collection comes with a description card and includes a linen pouch with at least three stones. You also have the option to add extra stones and products to enhance your experience with all the being vibes.

Book a Personalized Experience

For those looking to dive deeper into their intentions, book your being Experience session with our founder, DeDe. Each session is customized specifically for you.

Custom Intention-Sets

Create Your Personal being Vibe. Each purchase in our Custom Sets includes a Linen Pouch, ideal for carrying your being Stone daily as your hidden superpower. Whether seeking, motivation, abundance, positivity or just a little dose of self-love, a stone reminds you of your intention in a tangible way.

Take your time, trust your intuition, and enjoy the process of curating your unique intention-setting collection.

An enhanced being Experience is always available for a more in depth and guided intention-setting session.

Think of it like ordering flowers – whether for celebrating, healing, sending wishful thoughts, or just a little dose of self-love for someone you care about, but in a more tangible way. We carefully select stones specifically and intentionally, sending them with lots of being vibes. This is our specialty! Included is a linen pouch with a minimum of three stones. Additional stones and products are available.

For a more in-depth and guided intention-setting session, an enhanced being Experience is always available for you. That’s kind of our specialty too! 🙂

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Welcome to our exclusive Monthly being Intention Setting subscription! Here’s what you get with our subscription:

$34.99/Month (3 month commitment)

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About Experience Being

Meet DeDe

DeDe Hallerman, MSW, a certified coach, specializes in guiding individuals through impasses and transitions. Recognizing the need for an accessible and non-judgmental space, she embarked on a solo journey to Bali. There, she discovered the profound impact of life’s simplest pleasures, offering a simple mind-shift.

Combining her research in Bali with her professional experience, she seamlessly merged intention-setting with a tangible tool—the inherent messages of stones—to remind people of their set intentions. being offers a modern approach firmly grounded in evidence-based research, where the practice of intention-setting taps into the hidden power of your everyday experience to reshape your mind and enhance your life.
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April Intentions

As we ease into April, I can’t help but think of that old saying: “April showers bring May flowers.” It’s like a gentle reminder that even when life throws us a curveball, there’s always a silver lining waiting for us.

It’s kind of comforting, isn’t it? Knowing that even when things seem bleak, there’s hope for brighter days ahead.

Embrace the essence of April with our specially curated Intention Set! This collection is designed to align perfectly with the month of growth, reflection, and endless possibilities.