Wellness Collaborations

We work with specialized companies in specialized industries to bring collaborations to everyone.


Partnering with being is not just a collaboration; it’s an investment in the holistic well-being of your customers or clientele. Our approach goes beyond conventional wellness solutions, focusing on intention-setting to facilitate positive shifts. By choosing to partner with being, you align your brand to elevate individuals, tailored to empower people in their unique journey for more peace, positivity, and happiness throughout their day.


We are pleased to offer being’s expertly curated in-office/center workshops. Our specific lens of therapeutic and wellness expertise has enabled us to enhance individuals’ well-being and foster a positive mind-shift throughout their day.

From interactive workshops featuring being Stones set up and monitored each month, we provide everything you need to create your own being experience. Participants are guided in using stones as tangible tools for daily intention reminders.

Ideal for various settings including workplaces with employees, doctor’s offices, wellness retreats, and treatment centers, our workshops empower individuals to align their intentions, creating a powerful tool for self-reflection and shifting thought patterns.

Corporate Gift Giving

Let’s join forces to have a lasting well-being in an evolving world. being was created in a time when people seek meaning and happiness. We’re here to help you curate the perfect combination of being stones that align to your business..

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If you have any questions, we are here to assist.  Please use this form to contact us today or call directly at 877-BEING-03 (877-234-6403)