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Intentions are frequently mentioned but not always deeply understood by many. This is where being comes in, bridging that gap. Intentions serve as the foundational step in genuinely prioritizing yourself. Our mission is to embrace a simple mindshift by providing accessible tangible tools for intention-setting, to tap into the hidden power of everyday experiences.
Being x RMA brings this experiential approach utilizing stones as symbolic tools to deepen self-awareness, promote healing, and support recovery into Residential, Intensive Outpatient and Sober Living Environments. Together, we curate tailored workshops and offerings unique to your culture and treatment needs. Available both in person-and virtually, providing flexibility and accessibility for all participants.

Why Stones

Tangible Reminder: Return to the present moment amidst challenges.

Symbolic Meaning: Reflect on the meaning of the stones and your recovery journey.

Grounding and Anchoring: Feel the weight and texture of stones, grounding yourself in the present.

Energy and Intention Amplification: Share insights, challenges, and successes with others.

Ritual: Personalize your ritual for a unique journey.

The Value of Intention Setting

Mind: Gain a sense of purpose and direction.

Body: Influence physical health and overall well-being.

Soul: Deepen spiritual connection and alignment with your higher self.

Immersive Workshops

Patient Workshop: Harness the power of intention and stones for your journey.

Clinician Workshop: Integrate Being Modality into clinical practice with expert guidance.

Family Intensives: Strengthen bonds and foster healing within families.

being Space

Create a space for individuals to choose a stone aligned with specific intentions.

This can be both visually appealing and emotionally supportive.

being Intention Sets

Each set includes thoughtfully selected Being Stones, perfect for various intentions like Welcome, Milestones, Moving Forward, and more.

Every collection comes with a description card and includes a linen pouch with at least three stones.

Customer Testimonies

Book a Personalized Experience

For those looking to dive deeper into their intentions, book your being Experience session with our founder, DeDe. Each session is customized specifically for you.